Top Best Car Racing Games For Android

Top Best Car Racing Games For Android
Top Best Car Racing Games For Android

Top Best Car Racing Games For Android

Gaming has become an inevitable part of our lives and after the introduction of smartphones, gaming is way more compatible and too easy to access. If we’re talking about gaming, then we can’t just ignore probably the most popular gaming genre ever Racing.

Racing and especially car racing is immensely popular gaming genre which is entertaining and thrilling us from last dew decades. I’m sure that quite a many of you have played car racing games and simply loved it, but there are many amateur or new gamers who need to know about the best car racing games to play. This can also be useful for professional or expert gamers to know the games.

So, without further due, let’s get started with the list of best racing games ever. So, grab your seat belts. The ride is simply awesome.

Best car racing games ever –

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1. Dirt Rally –

Dirt Rally was launched by Codemasters in 2015. The game was immensely successful, and that has led to its sequel which will be released later this year called Dirt 4. If you’re a fan of rally racing then you’re going to fall in love with this game. It’s all about drifting, you have to keep your car stable on the road without falling and keeping it away from the trees.

The most thrilling pieces of the games are handbrake turns, unexpectedly falling from the cliff, and high-end twisting and turning. Also, you may feel a bit difficult to get used to the game because it’s quite hard to play, but the enjoyment package is at its full.

2. DriveClub –

DriveClub is powered by Sony. Sony was supposed to launch the game in pS4 earlier, but the plans were canceled. The reason is said much needed and one of the USPs of the film the Visual Scrubbing.

As far the overview of the game is concerned it is typical on road battle game with competitor cars. You’re driving and beating others for fame and to reach the finish line before anyone else. The visual appeal of the game makes it a must try.

Like most of all other racing games, you get points for advancements of levels which can be shared with your friends. You can also unlock new cars by purchasing it through your earned points.

3. Trackmania Turbo –

Trackmania Turbo is completely different from all other games mentioned the list. If you love to drive cars around giant tracks with the speed which you wouldn’t dare to imagine in your wildest dreams, then you should unblinkingly choose Trackmania Turbo.

The game’s tracks are something which you wouldn’t see in any other racing games. The tracks are high and flat from the both sides. And the most interesting part is you’re racing as a country for domination over the world. You can pick any country and represent it in the game. As racing love, you will definitely fall for this game.

4. Driver: San Fransisco –

This arcade game is simply stunning. The whole world is set in 70s and the tracks are from San Fransisco. So, basically you’re racing with other drivers, and there are many factors about the game which make it bizarre, one of them is the ability to switch any car with the traffic. Amazing and heart-wrenching soundtrack, steep hills and twisting roads of San Fransisco, Muscle, action, giant and smoky engines are the real reason that this game is simply a chartbuster.

The whole approch of the game is less fictional and more real. So, the gamers who like to play games with realistic story and backgrounds should prefer this game without any second thought.

Conclusion –

Thus, was the article about top car racing games. Kindly comments your review in the comment section.